All Utahns deserve to be represented by their government.


People are beginning to realize that redistricting matters. As one of the processes that directly impacts one's representation in both state and federal legislatures, redistricting is an important part of our representative democracy. For this reason, we have created this website to inform Utahns on what redistricting is, what efforts are happening to impact redistricting, and how they can be involved. 


About redistricting

What is redistricting? What is gerrymandering? How does Utah draw district boundaries? 

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Ballot Initiative

Utah voters will see an initiative on the 2018 ballot that creates an independent redistricting commission.

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Legal action

Sometimes, issues can only be affected in a court of law. Several redistricting cases are being litigated across the country and could have potential impacts on redistricting here in Utah.

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Legislative Action

Although some legislators would like to retain the power to choose their voters, others want to ensure it is the other way around: that voters choose their representatives.

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